Sirach 26:6–18

6 But it is heartache and sorrow when a wife is jealous of a rival,

and a tongue-lashing makes it known to all.

7 A bad wife is a chafing yoke;

taking hold of her is like grasping a scorpion.

8 A drunken wife arouses great anger;

she cannot hide her shame.

9 The haughty stare betrays an unchaste wife;

her eyelids give her away.

10 Keep strict watch over a headstrong daughter,

or else, when she finds liberty, she will make use of it.

11 Be on guard against her impudent eye,

and do not be surprised if she sins against you.

12 As a thirsty traveler opens his mouth

and drinks from any water near him,

so she will sit in front of every tent peg

and open her quiver to the arrow.

The Blessing of a Good Wife

13 A wife’s charm delights her husband,

and her skill puts flesh on his bones.

14 A silent wife is a gift from the Lord,

and nothing is so precious as her self-discipline.

15 A modest wife adds charm to charm,

and no scales can weigh the value of her chastity.

16 Like the sun rising in the heights of the Lord,

so is the beauty of a good wife in her well-ordered home.

17 Like the shining lamp on the holy lampstand,

so is a beautiful face on a stately figure.

18 Like golden pillars on silver bases,

so are shapely legs and steadfast feet.

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