Sirach 26:22–27

22 A prostitute is regarded as spittle,

and a married woman as a tower of death to her lovers.

23 A godless wife is given as a portion to a lawless man,

but a pious wife is given to the man who fears the Lord.

24 A shameless woman constantly acts disgracefully,

but a modest daughter will even be embarrassed before her husband.

25 A headstrong wife is regarded as a dog,

but one who has a sense of shame will fear the Lord.

26 A wife honoring her husband will seem wise to all,

but if she dishonors him in her pride she will be known to all as ungodly.

Happy is the husband of a good wife;

for the number of his years will be doubled.

27 A loud-voiced and garrulous wife is like a trumpet sounding the charge,

and every person like this lives in the anarchy of war.

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