Job 3:1–10

Job Deplores His Birth

3 After this Job opened his mouth and cursed the day of his birth. And Job 1spoke, and said:

3 “May athe day perish on which I was born,

And the night in which it was said,

‘A male child is conceived.’

4 May that day be darkness;

May God above not seek it,

Nor the light shine upon it.

5 May darkness and bthe shadow of death claim it;

May a cloud settle on it;

May the blackness of the day terrify it.

6 As for that night, may darkness seize it;

May it not 2rejoice among the days of the year,

May it not come into the number of the months.

7 Oh, may that night be barren!

May no joyful shout come into it!

8 May those curse it who curse the day,

Those cwho are ready to arouse Leviathan.

9 May the stars of its morning be dark;

May it look for light, but have none,

And not see the 3dawning of the day;

10 Because it did not shut up the doors of my mother’s womb,

Nor hide sorrow from my eyes.

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