Isaiah 47:1–5

The Humiliation of Babylon

47 “Come adown and bsit in the dust,

O virgin daughter of cBabylon;

Sit on the ground without a throne,

O daughter of the Chaldeans!

For you shall no more be called

Tender and 1delicate.

2 dTake the millstones and grind meal.

Remove your veil,

Take off the skirt,

Uncover the thigh,

Pass through the rivers.

3 eYour nakedness shall be uncovered,

Yes, your shame will be seen;

fI will take vengeance,

And I will not arbitrate with a man.”

4 As for gour Redeemer, the Lord of hosts is His name,

The Holy One of Israel.

5 “Sit in hsilence, and go into darkness,

O daughter of the Chaldeans;

iFor you shall no longer be called

The Lady of Kingdoms.

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