Isaiah 30:15–18

15 For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel:

s“In returning and rest you shall be saved;

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

tBut you would not,

16 And you said, “No, for we will flee on horses”—

Therefore you shall flee!

And, “We will ride on swift horses”—

Therefore those who pursue you shall be swift!

17 uOne thousand shall flee at the threat of one,

At the threat of five you shall flee,

Till you are left as a 5pole on top of a mountain

And as a banner on a hill.

God Will Be Gracious

18 Therefore the Lord will wait, that He may be vgracious to you;

And therefore He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on you.

For the Lord is a God of justice;

wBlessed are all those who xwait for Him.

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