Psalm 1–3


Psalms 1–41

Psalm 1

Blessed is the onea

who does not walkb in step with the wickedc

or stand in the wayd that sinners takee

or sitf in the company of mockers,g

but whose delighth is in the law of the Lord,i

and who meditatesj on his law day and night.

That person is like a treek planted by streamsl of water,m

which yields its fruitn in season

and whose leafo does not wither—

whatever they do prospers.p

Not so the wicked!

They are like chaffq

that the wind blows away.

Therefore the wicked will not standr in the judgment,s

nor sinners in the assemblyt of the righteous.

For the Lord watches overu the way of the righteous,

but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.v

Psalm 2

Why do the nations conspirea

and the peoples plotw in vain?

The kingsx of the earth rise up

and the rulers band together

against the Lord and against his anointed,y saying,

“Let us break their chainsz

and throw off their shackles.”a

The One enthronedb in heaven laughs;c

the Lord scoffs at them.

He rebukes them in his angerd

and terrifies them in his wrath,e saying,

“I have installed my kingf

on Zion,g my holy mountain.h

I will proclaim the Lord’s decree:

He said to me, “You are my son;i

today I have become your father.j

Ask me,

and I will make the nationsk your inheritance,l

the ends of the earthm your possession.

You will break them with a rod of ironb;n

you will dash them to pieceso like pottery.p

10 Therefore, you kings, be wise;q

be warned, you rulersr of the earth.

11 Serve the Lord with fears

and celebrate his rulet with trembling.u

12 Kiss his son,v or he will be angry

and your way will lead to your destruction,

for his wrathw can flare up in a moment.

Blessedx are all who take refugey in him.

Psalm 3a

A psalm of David. When he fled from his son Absalom.z

Lord, how many are my foes!

How many rise up against me!

Many are saying of me,

“God will not deliver him.ab

But you, Lord, are a shieldb around me,

my glory, the One who lifts my head high.c

I call out to the Lord,d

and he answers me from his holy mountain.e

I lie down and sleep;f

I wake again,g because the Lord sustains me.

I will not fearh though tens of thousands

assail me on every side.i

Arise,j Lord!

Deliver me,k my God!

Strikel all my enemies on the jaw;

break the teethm of the wicked.

From the Lord comes deliverance.n

May your blessingo be on your people.

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