Jeremiah 6:1–9

Jerusalem Under Siege

6 “Flee for safety, people of Benjamin!

Flee from Jerusalem!

Sound the trumpets in Tekoa!t

Raise the signal over Beth Hakkerem!u

For disaster looms out of the north,v

even terrible destruction.

I will destroy Daughter Zion,w

so beautiful and delicate.x

Shepherdsy with their flocks will come against her;

they will pitch their tents aroundz her,

each tending his own portion.”

“Prepare for battle against her!

Arise, let us attack at noon!a

But, alas, the daylight is fading,

and the shadows of evening grow long.

So arise, let us attack at night

and destroy her fortresses!”

This is what the Lord Almighty says:

“Cut down the treesb

and build siege rampsc against Jerusalem.

This city must be punished;

it is filled with oppression.d

As a well pours out its water,

so she pours out her wickedness.

Violencee and destructionf resound in her;

her sickness and wounds are ever before me.

Take warning, Jerusalem,

or I will turn awayg from you

and make your land desolate

so no one can live in it.”

This is what the Lord Almighty says:

“Let them glean the remnanth of Israel

as thoroughly as a vine;

pass your hand over the branches again,

like one gathering grapes.”

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