Amos 6:1–7

Woe to the Complacent

6 Woe to youz who are complacenta in Zion,

and to you who feel secureb on Mount Samaria,c

you notable men of the foremost nation,

to whom the people of Israel come!d

Go to Kalnehe and look at it;

go from there to great Hamath,f

and then go down to Gathg in Philistia.

Are they better off thanh your two kingdoms?

Is their land larger than yours?

You put off the day of disaster

and bring near a reign of terror.i

You lie on beds adorned with ivory

and lounge on your couches.j

You dine on choice lambs

and fattened calves.k

You strum away on your harpsl like David

and improvise on musical instruments.m

You drink winen by the bowlful

and use the finest lotions,

but you do not grieveo over the ruin of Joseph.p

Therefore you will be among the first to go into exile;q

your feasting and lounging will end.r

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