Psalm 9:7–20

7 But the aLord 1abides forever;

He has established His bthrone for judgment,

8 And He will ajudge the world in righteousness;

He will execute judgment for the peoples with equity.

9 1The Lord also will be a astronghold for the oppressed,

A stronghold in times of trouble;

10 And 1those who aknow Your name will put their trust in You,

For You, O Lord, have not bforsaken those who seek You.

11 Sing praises to the Lord, who adwells in Zion;

bDeclare among the peoples His deeds.

12 For aHe who 1requires blood remembers them;

He does not forget bthe cry of the afflicted.

13 Be gracious to me, O Lord;

See my affliction from those awho hate me,

You who blift me up from the gates of death,

14 That I may tell of aall Your praises,

That in the gates of the daughter of Zion

I may brejoice in Your 1salvation.

15 The nations have sunk down ain the pit which they have made;

In the bnet which they hid, their own foot has been caught.

16 The Lord has amade Himself known;

He has bexecuted judgment.

In the work of his own hands the wicked is snared.

1Higgaion 2Selah.

17 The wicked will 1areturn to 2Sheol,

Even all the nations who bforget God.

18 For the aneedy will not always be forgotten,

Nor the bhope of the afflicted perish forever.

19 aArise, O Lord, do not let man prevail;

Let the nations be bjudged before You.

20 Put them ain fear, O Lord;

Let the nations know that they are bbut men.


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