Psalm 105:16–36

16 And He acalled for a famine upon the land;

He bbroke the whole staff of bread.

17 He asent a man before them,

Joseph, who was bsold as a slave.

18 They afflicted his afeet with fetters,

1He himself was laid in irons;

19 Until the time that his aword came to pass,

The word of the Lord 1btested him.

20 The aking sent and released him,

The ruler of peoples, and set him free.

21 He amade him lord of his house

And ruler over all his possessions,

22 To 1imprison his princes 2aat will,

That he might teach his elders wisdom.

23 aIsrael also came into Egypt;

Thus Jacob bsojourned in the land of Ham.

24 And He acaused His people to be very fruitful,

And made them stronger than their adversaries.

25 He aturned their heart to hate His people,

To bdeal craftily with His servants.

26 He asent Moses His servant,

And bAaron, whom He had chosen.

27 They 1aperformed His wondrous acts among them,

And miracles in the land of Ham.

28 He asent darkness and made it dark;

And they did not brebel against His words.

29 He aturned their waters into blood

And caused their fish to die.

30 Their land swarmed with afrogs

Even in the bchambers of their kings.

31 He spoke, and there came a aswarm of flies

And bgnats in all their territory.

32 He 1gave them ahail for rain,

And flaming fire in their land.

33 He astruck down their vines also and their fig trees,

And shattered the trees of their territory.

34 He spoke, and alocusts came,

And young locusts, even without number,

35 And ate up all vegetation in their land,

And ate up the fruit of their ground.

36 He also astruck down all the firstborn in their land,

The bfirst fruits of all their vigor.

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