Joel 2:12–17

12 “Yet even now,” declares the Lord,

aReturn to Me with all your heart,

And with bfasting, weeping and mourning;

13 And arend your heart and not byour garments.”

Now return to the Lord your God,

For He is cgracious and compassionate,

Slow to anger, abounding in lovingkindness

And drelenting of evil.

14 Who knows awhether He will not turn and relent

And leave a bblessing behind Him,

Even ca grain offering and a drink offering

For the Lord your God?

15 aBlow a trumpet in Zion,

bConsecrate a fast, proclaim a solemn assembly,

16 Gather the people, asanctify the congregation,

Assemble the elders,

Gather the children and the nursing infants.

Let the bbridegroom come out of his room

And the bride out of her bridal chamber.

17 Let the priests, the Lord’s ministers,

Weep abetween the porch and the altar,

And let them say, “bSpare Your people, O Lord,

And do not make Your inheritance a creproach,

A byword among the nations.

Why should they among the peoples say,

dWhere is their God?’ ”

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