Habakkuk 1:12–17

12 Are You not from aeverlasting,

O Lord, my God, my Holy One?

We will not die.

You, O Lord, have bappointed them to judge;

And You, O cRock, have established them to correct.

13 Your eyes are too apure to 1approve evil,

And You can not look on wickedness with favor.

Why do You blook with favor

On those who deal ctreacherously?

Why are You dsilent when the wicked eswallow up

Those more righteous than they?

14 Why have You made men like the fish of the sea,

Like creeping things without a ruler over them?

15 The Chaldeans abring all of them up with a hook,

bDrag them away with their net,

And gather them together in their fishing net.

Therefore they rejoice and are glad.

16 Therefore they offer a sacrifice to their net

and 1burn incense to their fishing net;

Because through athese things their 2catch is 3large,

And their food is 4plentiful.

17 Will they therefore empty their anet

And continually bslay nations without sparing?

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