Ezekiel 43:13–27

The Altar of Sacrifice

13 “And these are the measurements of the aaltar by cubits (the bcubit being a cubit and a handbreadth): the 1base shall be a cubit and the width a cubit, and its border on its edge round about one span; and this shall be the height of the 2base of the altar.

14 “From the base on the ground to the lower aledge shall be two cubits and the width one cubit; and from the smaller ledge to the larger ledge shall be four cubits and the width 1one cubit.

15 “The 1altar hearth shall be four cubits; and from the 1altar hearth shall extend upwards four ahorns.

16 “Now the 1altar hearth shall be twelve cubits long by twelve wide, asquare in its four sides.

17 “The ledge shall be fourteen cubits long by fourteen wide in its four sides, the border around it shall be half a cubit and its base shall be a cubit round about; and its asteps shall 1bface the east.”

The Offerings

18 And He said to me, “aSon of man, thus says the Lord 1God, ‘These are the statutes for the altar on the day it is built, to offer bburnt offerings on it and to csprinkle blood on it.

19 ‘You shall give to the Levitical priests who are from the offspring of aZadok, who draw bnear to Me to minister to Me,’ declares the Lord God, ‘a cyoung bull for a dsin offering.

20 ‘You shall take some of its blood and put it on its four ahorns and on the four corners of the bledge and on the border round about; thus you shall ccleanse it and make atonement for it.

21 ‘You shall also take the bull for the sin offering, and it shall be aburned in the appointed place of the house, outside the sanctuary.

22 ‘On the second day you shall offer a amale goat without blemish for a sin offering, and they shall bcleanse the altar as they cleansed it with the bull.

23 ‘When you have finished cleansing it, you shall present a ayoung bull without blemish and a bram without blemish from the flock.

24 ‘You shall present them before the Lord, and the priests shall throw asalt on them, and they shall offer them up as a burnt offering to the Lord.

25 aFor seven days you shall prepare daily a goat for a sin offering; also a young bull and a ram from the flock, without blemish, shall be prepared.

26 ‘For seven days they shall make atonement for the altar and purify it; so shall they 1consecrate it.

27 ‘When they have completed the days, it shall be that on the aeighth day and onward, the priests shall 1offer your burnt offerings on the altar, and your bpeace offerings; and I will caccept you,’ declares the Lord God.”

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