Leviticus 6:1–7

Additional Laws for Burnt Offerings

6 a Thenb Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying, “When a personc displays infidelityd against Yahweh and he deceives his fellow citizen regardinge something entrusted or a pledgef or stealing or he exploits his fellow citizen, or he finds lost property and lies about it and swears falselyg in regard toh any one of these things by which a personi might commit sin, and whenj he sins and is guilty, thenk he shall bring back the things he had stolenl or what he had extortedm or something with which he had been entrustedn or the lost property that he had found, or regardingo anything about which he has sworn falsely,p thenq he shall repay it according tor its value and shall add one-fifth of its value to it—he must give it to whom it belongss on the day of his guilt offering. And he must bring as his guilt offering to Yahweh a ram without defect from the flockt by your valuationu as a guilt offering to the priest, and the priest shall make atonement for him beforev Yahweh, and he shall be forgiven anythingw from all that he might do by which he might incur guilt.”x

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