Ezekiel 48:8–21

And next to the territory of Judah, from the eastern borderq up to the western border,r shall be located the contribution that you set apart, twenty-five thousand cubitss in width, and its length just like one of the portions from the eastern bordert up to the western border,u and the sanctuary shall be in the midst of it. The contribution that you shall set apart for Yahweh, its length shall be twenty-five thousand cubits,v and its width ten thousand cubits.w 10 And to these shall be the holy district:x to the priests northwards twenty-five thousand cubits,y and westwards its width ten thousand cubits,z and eastwards its width ten thousand cubits,a and southwards its length twenty-five thousand cubits,b and the sanctuary of Yahweh shall be in the midst of it. 11 To the priests, the ones being consecrated from the descendantsc of Zadok, who took care of my service and who did not go astrayd when the Israelites went astray,e just asf the Levites went astray. 12 And it will be for them a special gift from the contribution of the land as a most holy objectg next to the territory of the Levites. 13 And the Levites alongsideh the territory of the priests shall have twenty-five thousand cubitsi in length and in width ten thousand cubits,j its full length,k twenty-five thousand cubitsl and its full width, ten thousand cubits.m 14 And they shall not sell any part from it, and shall not exchange, and shall not transfer the best of the land, for it is holy to Yahweh.

15 And the remaining partn of five thousand cubitso in the width byp twenty-five thousand cubits,q is unholy;r it is for the city as dwelling and as pastureland; and the city will be located in the middle of it.s 16 And these shall be its measurements: on its side to the north, four thousand five hundred cubits;t and on its side to the south, four thousand five hundred cubits;u and on the eastern side,v four thousand five hundred cubits;w and on the western side,x four thousand five hundred cubits.y 17 And a pastureland shall be for the city northwards, two hundred and fifty cubits,z southwards two hundred and fifty cubits,a and eastwards two hundred and fifty cubits,b and westwards two hundred and fifty cubits.c 18 And the rest in its length alongsided the holy district,e ten thousand cubitsf eastwards and ten thousandg westwards; and it shall be alongsideh the holy districti and its yieldj shall be as food for the workers of the city. 19 And the workers of the city from all the tribes of Israel shall cultivate it. 20 All of the contribution, twenty-five thousand by twenty five thousand cubitsk square, you shall set apart as the holy districtl along with the property of the city. 21 And the rest shall be tom the prince, on both sidesn of the holy districto and of the property of the city extending fromp twenty-five thousand cubits of the contribution up to the boundary of the east, and westwards extendingq twenty-five thousand cubitsr to the boundary of the sea alongsides the tribal portions. They shall be for the prince, and it shall be the holy district,t and the sanctuary of the templeu will be in its middle.

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