Psalm 78:1–8

aGive ear, O my people, to my law:

Incline your ears to the words of my mouth.

bI will open my mouth in a cparable:

I will dutter edark sayings of old:

Which we have heard and known,

And four fathers have told us.

gWe will not hide them from their children,

hShewing to the generation to come

The praises of the Lord, and his strength,

And ihis wonderful works that he hath done.

For he established ja testimony in kJacob,

And appointed a law in kIsrael,

Which he commanded our fathers,

gThat they should make them known to their children:

That lthe generation to come might know them, even mthe children which should be born;

Who should arise and gdeclare them to their children:

That they might set their nhope in God,

And not forget the works of God,

But nnkeep his commandments:

And omight not be as their fathers,

A pqstubborn and prrebellious generation;

A generation that set not their heart aright,

And whose spirit was not sstedfast with God.

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