Isaiah 60:1–7

Arise, a||shine; for thy light is come,

And bthe glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.

For, behold, cdthe darkness shall cover the earth,

And dgross darkness the people:

But the Lord shall arise upon thee,

And behis glory shall be seen upon thee.

And fthe Gentiles shall come to thy light,

And gkings to the brightness of thy rising.

hLift up thine eyes round about, and see:

hAll they gather themselves together, ithey come to thee:

jThy sons shall come from far,

And thy daughters shall be nursed kat thy side.

Then thou shalt see, and lflow together,

And thine heart shall fear, and mbe enlarged;

Because nthe ||oabundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee,

The ||fmforces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee.

The multitude of camels shall cover thee,

pThe dromedaries of qMidian and rEphah;

All they from sSheba shall come:

They shall bring tgold and incense;

And they shall ushew forth the praises of the Lord.

All the flocks of vKedar shall be gathered together unto thee,

The rams of wNebaioth shall minister unto thee:

xThey shall come up with acceptance on mine altar,

And I will yglorify yythe house of bmy glory.

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