Hosea 10:1–14:9

*Israel is ||an empty vine, he bringeth forth fruit aunto himself:

According to the multitude of his fruit bhe hath increased the altars;

According to the goodness of his land cthey have made goodly images.

||Their heart is divided; now shall they be dfound faulty:

He shall break down their altars, he shall spoil their images.

For now they shall say, eWe have no king,

Because we feared not the Lord;

What then should a king do to us?

They have spoken words, swearing falsely in making a covenant:

Thus fjudgment springeth up as ghemlock hin the furrows of the field.

The inhabitants of iSamaria jshall fear because of kthe calves of lBeth-aven:

For the people thereof shall mourn over it,

And ||the priests thereof that rejoiced on it,

For mthe glory thereof, because mit is departed from it.

nIt shall be also carried unto Assyria for a present to oking Jareb:

Ephraim shall receive shame,

And Israel jshall be ashamed of phis own counsel.

As for iSamaria, eher king is qcut off

As rthe foam upon the water.

The high places also of lAven, sthe sin of Israel, shall be destroyed:

tThe thorn and tthe thistle shall come up on their altars;

And uthey shall say to the mountains, Cover us;

And to the hills, Fall on us.

O Israel, thou hast sinned vfrom the days of Gibeah: there they stood:

wThe battle in Gibeah against the children of iniquity did not overtake them.

10  xIt is in my desire that I should chastise them;

And ythe people shall be gathered against them,

||When they shall bind themselves in their two furrows.

11  And Ephraim is as zan heifer that is taught, and loveth ato tread out the corn;

But zI passed over upon her fair neck:

I will make Ephraim to ride;

Judah shall plow,

And Jacob shall cbreak his clods.

12  dSow to yourselves in righteousness,

dReap ein mercy;

fBreak up your gfallow ground:

For it is time to seek the Lord,

Till he come and hrain righteousness upon you.

13  iYe have plowed wickedness, diye have reaped iniquity;

Ye have eaten the fruit of lies:

Because thou didst trust in thy way,

In the multitude of thy mighty men.

14  Therefore shall a tumult arise among thy people,

And jall thy fortresses kshall be spoiled,

As lShalman kspoiled mBeth-arbel in the day of battle:

nThe mother was dashed in pieces upon her children.

15  So shall oBeth-el do unto you because of your great wickedness:

In a morning pshall the king of Israel utterly be cut off.

11 aWhen Israel was a child, then bI loved him,

And ccalled dmy son out of Egypt.

As ethey called them, so they went from them:

fThey sacrificed unto Baalim, and fburned incense to graven images.

gI taught Ephraim also to go, taking them by their arms;

But they knew not that hI healed them.

iI drew them with cords kof a man, with bands of love:

And lI was to them kas they that take off the yoke on their jaws,

And mI laid meat unto them.

nHe shall not return into the land of Egypt,

But othe Assyrian shall be his king,

pBecause they refused to return.

*And the sword shall qabide on his cities,

And shall consume his rbranches, and devour them,

sBecause of their own counsels.

And my people are bent tto backsliding from me:

eThough they called them to uthe most High,

None at all would vexalt him.

wHow shall I give thee up, Ephraim?

How shall I deliver thee, Israel?

How shall I make thee as xyAdmah?

How shall I set thee as yZeboim?

Mine heart is turned zwithin me,

aMy repentings bare kindled together.

I will not execute the fierceness of mine anger,

I will not return to destroy Ephraim:

cFor I am God, and not man;

dThe Holy One din the midst of thee:

And I will not enter into the city.

10  eThey shall walk after the Lord: fhe shall roar glike a lion:

When he shall roar, then the children shall tremble hfrom the west.

11  They shall tremble as a bird iout of Egypt,

And jas a dove ikout of the land of Assyria:

And lI will place them in their houses, saith the Lord.

12  Ephraim compasseth me about with lies, and the house of Israel with deceit:

mBut Judah yet nruleth with God, and is faithful ||with othe saints.

12 *Ephraim afeedeth on wind, and followeth after bthe east wind:

He daily increaseth lies and cdesolation;

And dthey do make a covenant with the Assyrians,

And eoil is carried finto Egypt.

gThe Lord hath also a controversy with Judah,

And hwill punish Jacob according to his ways;

hAccording to his doings iwill he recompense him.

jHe took his brother by the heel in the womb,

And by his strength he khad power with God:

kYea, he had power over the angel, and prevailed:

lHe wept, and made supplication unto him:

mHe found him in Beth-el, and there he spake with us;

Even the Lord God of hosts; nthe Lord is his memorial.

Therefore oturn thou to thy God:

pKeep mercy and judgment,

And qwait on thy God continually.

He is ||a merchant, rthe balances of deceit are in his hand:

He loveth to ||oppress.

And Ephraim said, Yet sI am become rich, I have found me out substance:

||In all my labours vthey shall find none iniquity in me that were sin.

And wI that am the Lord thy God from the land of Egypt

Will yet make thee xto dwell in tabernacles, xas in the days of the solemn feast.

10  yI have also spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied zvisions,

And used similitudes, by the ministry of the prophets.

11  aIs there iniquity in Gilead? surely they are vanity:

They sacrifice bullocks bin Gilgal;

Yea, ctheir altars are as heaps din the furrows of the fields.

12  And eJacob fled into the country of Syria,

And Israel fserved for a wife, and for a wife he ikept sheep.

13  And gby a prophet hthe Lord brought Israel out of Egypt,

And gby a prophet was he ipreserved.

14  Ephraim kprovoked him to anger most bitterly:

Therefore lshall he leave his blood upon him,

And mhis reproach shall his Lord nreturn unto him.

13 When Ephraim spake trembling, he aexalted himself in Israel;

But when he boffended cin Baal, he died.

And now they sin more and more,

And dhave made them molten images of their silver,

And idols according to their own understanding,

eAll of it the work of the craftsmen:

They say of them, Let ||the men that sacrifice fkiss the calves.

Therefore they shall be ffas the morning cloud,

ffAnd as the early dew that passeth away,

gAs the chaff that is driven with the whirlwind out of the floor,

And has the smoke out of ithe chimney.

Yet klI am the Lord thy God from the land of Egypt,

And thou shalt know no god but me:

For kmthere is no saviour nbeside me.

oI did know thee in the wilderness,

pIn the land of great drought.

qrAccording to their pasture, so were they filled;

qThey were filled, and their heart was exalted;

Therefore qrhave they forgotten me.

Therefore sI will be unto them as a lion:

As ta leopard by the way will I uobserve them:

I will meet them as va bear that is bereaved of her whelps,

And will rend the caul of their heart,

And there will I devour them like a lion:

The wild beast shall tear them.

O Israel, wthou hast destroyed thyself; but xin me is thine help.

10  ||I will be thy king: xwhere is any other that may save thee in all thy cities?

And thy judges of whom zthou saidst, Give me a king and princes?

11  aI gave thee a king in mine anger,

And btook him away in my wrath.

12  The iniquity of Ephraim is cbound up; his sin is hid.

13  dThe sorrows of a travailing woman shall come upon him:

He is an unwise son;

For he should not estay long in the place of fthe breaking forth of children.

14  I ghwill ransom them from ithe power of the grave;

hI will redeem them from death:

jO death, I will be thy plagues;

O grave, I will be thy kdestruction:

lRepentance shall be hid from mine eyes.

15  Though mhe be fruitful among his brethren,

nAn east wind shall come, othe wind of the Lord shall come up pfrom the wilderness,

And his qspring rshall become dry, and his sfountain shall be dried up:

He shall spoil the treasure of all pleasant vessels.

16  ||ssSamaria tshall become desolate;

uFor she hath rebelled against her God:

They shall fall by the sword:

vwTheir infants shall be dashed in pieces,

And wxtheir women with child shall be ripped up.

14 O Israel, areturn unto the Lord thy God;

For thou hast bfallen by thine iniquity.

Take with you words, and aturn to the Lord:

Say unto him, cTake away all iniquity, and ||receive us graciously:

So dwill we render the calves of our lips.

eAsshur shall not save us; fwe will not ride upon horses:

gNeither will we say any more to the work of our hands, Ye are our gods:

For hin thee the fatherless findeth mercy.

iI will heal iktheir backsliding, lI will love them mfreely:

For mine anger is turned away from him.

I will be nas the dew unto Israel:

He shall ||grow as othe lily,

pqAnd cast forth his roots as Lebanon.

qHis branches shall spread,

And his rbeauty shall be sas the olive tree,

And this smell as Lebanon.

quThey that dwell under his shadow shall return;

They shall revive as the corn, and ||grow as the vine:

The ||scent thereof shall be as the wine of Lebanon.

Ephraim shall say, gvWhat have I to do any more with idols?

I have wheard him, and xobserved him:

qsI am like a green fir tree.

yFrom me is thy fruit found.

zWho is wise, and he shall understand these things?

Prudent, and he shall know them?

For athe ways of the Lord are bright,

And cthe just shall walk in them:

cBut the transgressors shall dfall therein.

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