Genesis 49:23

23  gThe archers have hsorely grieved him,

And ishot at him, and khated him:

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Genesis 49:23 — The New International Version (NIV)

23 With bitterness archers attacked him;

they shot at him with hostility.

Genesis 49:23 — English Standard Version (ESV)

23 The archers bitterly attacked him,

shot at him, and harassed him severely,

Genesis 49:23 — New Living Translation (NLT)

23 Archers attacked him savagely;

they shot at him and harassed him.

Genesis 49:23 — The New King James Version (NKJV)

23 The archers have bitterly grieved him,

Shot at him and hated him.

Genesis 49:23 — New Century Version (NCV)

23 Archers attack him violently

and shoot at him angrily,

Genesis 49:23 — American Standard Version (ASV)

23 The archers have sorely grieved him,

And shot at him, and persecuted him:

Genesis 49:23 — 1890 Darby Bible (DARBY)

23 The archers have provoked him, And shot at, and hated him;

Genesis 49:23 — GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

23 Archers provoked him, 

shot at him, 

and attacked him. 

Genesis 49:23 — The Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

23 The archers attacked him,

shot at him, and were hostile toward him.

Genesis 49:23 — The New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

23 The archers fiercely attacked him;

they shot at him and pressed him hard.

Genesis 49:23 — The Lexham English Bible (LEB)

23 The archers fiercely attacked him.

They shot arrows at him and were hostile to him.

Genesis 49:23 — New International Reader’s Version (1998) (NIrV)

23 Mean people shot arrows at him.

They shot at him because they were angry.

Genesis 49:23 — New American Standard Bible: 1995 Update (NASB95)

23 “The archers bitterly attacked him,

And shot at him and harassed him;

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