Ecclesiastes 3:9–17

jWhat profit hath he that worketh in that wherein he laboureth?

10 I have seen the ktravail, which lGod hath given to the sons of men kto be exercised in it. 11 He hath made every thing mbeautiful nin his time: also he hath oset the world in their heart, so that pno man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end. 12 I know qthat there is no good in them, but for a man to rejoice, and rto do good in his life. 13 And also sthat every man should eat and drink, and tenjoy the good of all his labour, uit is the gift of God. 14 I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: xnothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him. 15 yThat which hath been is znow; and that which is to be hath zalready been; and God arequireth that which is past.

16 And moreover I saw under the sun the place of judgment, that bwickedness was there; and the place of righteousness, that iniquity was there. 17 I said in mine heart, aGod shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is ca time dthere for every purpose and for every work.

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