Genesis 27:30–40

30 And it came to pass, as soon as Isaac had made an end of blessing Jacob, and Jacob was yet scarce gone out from the presence of Isaac his father, that Esau his brother came in from his hunting. 31 And he also had made savoury meat, and brought it unto his father, and said unto his father, Let my father arise, and eat of his son’s venison, that thy soul may bless me. 32 And Isaac his father said unto him, Who art thou? And he said, I am thy son, thy firstborn Esau. 33 And Isaac trembled very exceedingly, and said, zWho? where is he that hath taken venison, and brought it me, and I have eaten of all before thou camest, and have blessed him? yea, and he shall be blessed. 34 And when Esau heard the words of his father, ahe cried with a great and exceeding bitter cry, and said unto his father, Bless me, even me also, O my father. 35 And he said, Thy brother came with subtilty, and hath taken away thy blessing. 36 And he said, bIs not he rightly named ||Jacob? for he hath supplanted me these two times: che took away my birthright; and, behold, now he hath taken away my blessing. And he said, Hast thou not reserved a blessing for me? 37 And Isaac answered and said unto Esau, dBehold, I have made him thy lord, and all his brethren have I given to him for servants; and ewith corn and wine have I ||sustained him: and what shall I do now unto thee, my son? 38 And Esau said unto his father, Hast thou but one blessing, my father? bless me, even me also, O my father. And Esau lifted up his voice, fand wept. 39 And Isaac his father answered and said unto him,

Behold, thy dwelling shall be ||the fatness of the earth,

And of the dew of heaven from above;

40  And by thy sword shalt thou live,

And gshalt serve thy brother;

And it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion,

That hthou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.

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Heb. trembled with a great trembling greatly.


Compare Job 9:24.

Heb. hunted. So ver. 3.


ch. 25:26.


That is, A supplanter.


ch. 25:33.


ver. 29. [Fulfilled, 2 Sam. 8:14.]


ver. 28.


Or, supported.


Or, of the fatness. So ver. 28.