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Numbers 28:1–8

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Daily Offerings

28 The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Command the people of Israel and say to them, ‘My offering, vmy food for my food offerings, my wpleasing aroma, you shall be careful to offer to me at its appointed time.’ xAnd you shall say to them, This is the food offering that you shall offer to the Lord: two male lambs a year old without blemish, day by day, as a regular offering. The one lamb you shall offer in the morning, and the other lamb you shall offer at twilight; also ya tenth of an ephah1 of fine flour for za grain offering, mixed awith a quarter of a hin2 of beaten oil. It is a bregular burnt offering, which was ordained at Mount Sinai for a pleasing aroma, a food offering to the Lord. Its drink offering shall be a quarter of a hin for each lamb. In the Holy Place you shall pour out a drink offering of strong drink to the Lord. The other lamb you shall offer at twilight. Like the grain offering of the morning, and like its drink offering, you shall offer it as a food offering, with a pleasing aroma to the Lord.

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An ephah was about 3/5 bushel or 22 liters


A hin was about 4 quarts or 3.5 liters