Luke 4:14–21


14 Then Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit,m and news about him spread throughout the entire vicinity.n 15 He was teaching in their synagogues,o being praisedJ by everyone.


16 He came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up.p As usual, he entered the synagogue on the Sabbath dayq and stood up to read.r 17 The scroll of the prophet Isaiah was given to him, and unrolling the scroll, he found the place where it was written:

18 The Spirit of the Lord is on me,

because he has anointed me

to preach good news to the poor.

He has sent meK

to proclaim releaseL to the captives

and recovery of sight to the blind,

to set free the oppressed,

19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.M,s

20 He then rolled up the scroll, gave it back to the attendant, and sat down.t And the eyes of everyone in the synagogue were fixed on him. 21 He began by saying to them, Today as you listen, this Scripture has been fulfilled.”u

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