Joshua 3:13–17

13 When the feetM of the priests who carry the ark of the Lord, the Lord of the whole earth, come to rest in the Jordan’s water, its water will be cut off. The water flowing downstream will stand up in a mass.”u

14 When the people broke camp to cross the Jordan, the priests carried the ark of the covenantv ahead of the people. 15 Now the Jordan overflows its banks throughout the harvest season.w But as soon as the priests carrying the ark reached the Jordan, their feet touched the water at its edge 16 and the water flowing downstream stood still, rising up in a mass that extended as far asA Adam, a city next to Zarethan. The water flowing downstream into the Sea of the Arabaha—the Dead Sea—was completely cut off, and the people crossed opposite Jericho. 17 The priests carrying the ark of the Lord’s covenant stood firmly on dry ground in the middle of the Jordan,b while all Israel crossed on dry ground until the entire nation had finished crossing the Jordan.

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