Isaiah 66:18–23

18 “KnowingE their works and their thoughts, I have come to gather all nations and languages;k they will come and see my glory. 19 I will establish a sign among them, and I will send survivors from them to the nations—to Tarshish, Put,F Lud (who are archers), Tubal, Javan,l and the coasts and islands far away—who have not heard about me or seen my glory. And they will proclaim my glory among the nations.m 20 They will bring all your brothers from all the nations as a gift to the Lord on horses and chariots, in litters, and on mules and camels, to my holy mountain Jerusalem,”n says the Lord, “just as the Israelites bring an offering in a clean vessel to the house of the Lord. 21 I will also take some of them as priests and Levites,”o says the Lord.

22 “For just as the new heavens and the new earth,p

which I will make,

will remain before me”—

this is the Lord’s declaration—

“so your offspring and your name will remain.

23 All humanity will come to worship me

from one New Moon to another

and from one Sabbath to another,”

says the Lord.

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