Isaiah 44:24–28


24 This is what the Lord, your Redeemerk who formed you from the womb,l says:

I am the Lord, who made everything;

who stretched out the heavens by myself;m

who alone spread out the earth;

25 who destroys the omens of the false prophets

and makes fools of diviners;

who confounds the wise

and makes their knowledge foolishness;n

26 who confirms the message of his servant

and fulfills the counsel of his messengers;

who says to Jerusalem, “She will be inhabited,”

and to the cities of Judah, “They will be rebuilt,”

and I will restore her ruins;

27 who says to the depths of the sea, “Be dry,”

and I will dry up your rivers;

28 who says to Cyrus,o “My shepherd,

he will fulfill all my pleasure”p

and says to Jerusalem, “She will be rebuilt,”q

and of the temple, “Its foundation will be laid.”

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