Habakkuk 1:5–11


Look at the nationsB,i and observej

be utterly astounded!k

For I am doing something in your days

that you will not believel

when you hear about it.m

Look! I am raising upn the Chaldeans,C

that bitter,o impetuous nation

that marches across the earth’s open spaces

to seize territories not its own.

They are fiercep and terrifying;

their views of justice and sovereignty

stem from themselves.

Their horses are swifterq than leopardsr

and more fierceD than wolves of the night.

Their horsemen charge ahead;

their horsemen come from distant lands.

They fly like eagles, swooping to devour.s

All of them come to do violence;

their facest are set in determination.E

They gatheru prisoners like sand.v

10 They mockw kings,

and rulers are a joke to them.

They laughx at every fortress

and build siege ramps to capturey it.

11 Then they sweepz by like the wind

and pass through.

They are guilty;F their strength is their god.

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