Daniel 11:14–12:13

14 “In those times many will rise against the king of the South. Those who are violent among your own people will rebel in fulfillment of the vision, but without success. 15 Then the king of the North will come and build up siege rampsu and will capture a fortified city. The forces of the South will be powerless to resist; even their best troops will not have the strength to stand. 16 The invader will do as he pleases;v no one will be able to stand against him.w He will establish himself in the Beautiful Land and will have the power to destroy it.x 17 He will determine to come with the might of his entire kingdom and will make an alliance with the king of the South. And he will give him a daughter in marriage in order to overthrow the kingdom, but his plansc will not succeedy or help him. 18 Then he will turn his attention to the coastlandsz and will take many of them, but a commander will put an end to his insolence and will turn his insolence back on him.a 19 After this, he will turn back toward the fortresses of his own country but will stumble and fall,b to be seen no more.c

20 “His successor will send out a tax collector to maintain the royal splendor.d In a few years, however, he will be destroyed, yet not in anger or in battle.

21 “He will be succeeded by a contemptiblee person who has not been given the honor of royalty.f He will invade the kingdom when its people feel secure, and he will seize it through intrigue. 22 Then an overwhelming army will be swept awayg before him; both it and a prince of the covenant will be destroyed.h 23 After coming to an agreement with him, he will act deceitfully,i and with only a few people he will rise to power. 24 When the richest provinces feel secure, he will invade them and will achieve what neither his fathers nor his forefathers did. He will distribute plunder, loot and wealth among his followers.j He will plot the overthrow of fortresses—but only for a time.

25 “With a large army he will stir up his strength and courage against the king of the South. The king of the South will wage war with a large and very powerful army, but he will not be able to stand because of the plots devised against him. 26 Those who eat from the king’s provisions will try to destroy him; his army will be swept away, and many will fall in battle. 27 The two kings, with their hearts bent on evil,k will sit at the same table and liel to each other, but to no avail, because an end will still come at the appointed time.m 28 The king of the North will return to his own country with great wealth, but his heart will be set against the holy covenant. He will take action against it and then return to his own country.

29 “At the appointed time he will invade the South again, but this time the outcome will be different from what it was before. 30 Ships of the western coastlandsn will oppose him, and he will lose heart.o Then he will turn back and vent his furyp against the holy covenant. He will return and show favor to those who forsake the holy covenant.

31 “His armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice.q Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation.r 32 With flattery he will corrupt those who have violated the covenant, but the people who know their God will firmly resists him.

33 “Those who are wise will instructt many, though for a time they will fall by the sword or be burned or captured or plundered.u 34 When they fall, they will receive a little help, and many who are not sincerev will join them. 35 Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined,w purified and made spotless until the time of the end, for it will still come at the appointed time.

The King Who Exalts Himself

36 “The king will do as he pleases. He will exalt and magnify himselfx above every god and will say unheard-of thingsy against the God of gods.z He will be successful until the time of wratha is completed, for what has been determined must take place.b 37 He will show no regard for the gods of his ancestors or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself above them all. 38 Instead of them, he will honor a god of fortresses; a god unknown to his ancestors he will honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts. 39 He will attack the mightiest fortresses with the help of a foreign god and will greatly honor those who acknowledge him. He will make them rulers over many people and will distribute the land at a price.d

40 “At the time of the end the king of the Southc will engage him in battle, and the king of the North will stormd out against him with chariots and cavalry and a great fleet of ships. He will invade many countries and sweep through them like a flood.e 41 He will also invade the Beautiful Land.f Many countries will fall, but Edom,g Moabh and the leaders of Ammon will be delivered from his hand. 42 He will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape. 43 He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt,i with the Libyansj and Cushitese in submission. 44 But reports from the east and the north will alarm him, and he will set out in a great rage to destroy and annihilate many. 45 He will pitch his royal tents between the seas atf the beautiful holy mountain.k Yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him.

The End Times

12 “At that time Michael,l the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distressm such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people—everyone whose name is found written in the bookn—will be delivered.o Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake:p some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt.q Those who are wisea r will shines like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness,t like the stars for ever and ever.u But you, Daniel, roll up and sealv the words of the scroll until the time of the end.w Many will go here and therex to increase knowledge.”

Then I, Daniel, looked, and there before me stood two others, one on this bank of the river and one on the opposite bank.y One of them said to the man clothed in linen,z who was above the waters of the river, “How long will it be before these astonishing things are fulfilled?”a

The man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, lifted his right handb and his left hand toward heaven, and I heard him swear by him who lives forever,c saying, “It will be for a time, times and half a time.b d When the power of the holy peoplee has been finally broken, all these things will be completed.f

I heard, but I did not understand. So I asked, “My lord, what will the outcome of all this be?”

He replied, “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealedg until the time of the end.h 10 Many will be purified, made spotless and refined,i but the wicked will continue to be wicked.j None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.k

11 “From the time that the daily sacrificel is abolished and the abomination that causes desolationm is set up, there will be 1,290 days.n 12 Blessed is the one who waitso for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.p

13 “As for you, go your way till the end.q You will rest,r and then at the end of the days you will rise to receive your allotted inheritance.s

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