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Psalm 140

*To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.

aDeliver me, O Lord, bfrom the evil man:

bPreserve me from the violent man;

Which imagine mischiefs in their heart;

Continually are they cgathered together for war.

dThey have sharpened their tongues like ea serpent;

fAdders’ epoison is gunder their lips. Selah.

Keep me, O Lord, from the hands of the wicked;

bPreserve me from the violent man;

Who have purposed to hoverthrow my goings.

The proud have ihid ka snare for me, and lcords;

They have spread a mnet by the wayside;

They have set ngins for me. Selah.

I nnsaid unto the Lord, Thou art my God:

Hear othe voice of my supplications, O Lord.

O God the Lord, pthe strength of my salvation,

Thou hast qcovered my head in the day of rbattle.

Grant not, O Lord, sthe desires of the wicked:

Further not his wicked device;

||tLest they exalt themselves. Selah.

As for the head of those that compass me about,

uLet the mischief of their own lips cover them.

10  Let burning coals wfall upon them:

Let them be cast into the fire;

Into deep pits, that they rise not up again.

11  Let not ||an evil speaker be established in the earth:

Evil shall hunt the violent man to overthrow him.

12  I know that the Lord will xmaintain the cause of the afflicted,

And xythe right of the poor.

13  Surely zthe righteous shall give thanks unto thy name:

The upright shall dwell in thy presence.

KJV 1900

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