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2 *Woe to them athat devise iniquity, and work evil aupon their beds!

When the morning is light, they practise it,

Because bit is in the power of their hand.

And they covet cfields, and take them by violence;

And chouses, and take them away:

So they ||oppress a man and his house,

Even a man and his heritage.

Therefore thus saith the Lord;

Behold, against dthis family edo I devise an evil,

fFrom which ye shall not remove your necks;

Neither shall ye go haughtily:

gFor this time is evil.

In that day shall one htake up ia parable against you,

And lament with a doleful lamentation,

And say, We be utterly spoiled:

kHe hath changed the portion of my people:

kHow hath he removed it from me!

||lTurning away he hath divided our fields.

Therefore thou shalt have none that shall mcast a cord nby lot

In the congregation of the Lord.

||oProphesy ye not, say they to them that prophesy:

pThey shall not prophesy to them, that they shall not take shame.

O thou that art named the house of Jacob,

Is the spirit of the Lord ||straitened?

qAre these his doings?

Do not my words do good to him that walketh uprightly?

sEven of late my people is risen up as an enemy:

Ye pull off rvthe robe with the garment

sFrom them that pass by securely as men averse from war.

sThe ||women of my people have ye cast out from their upleasant houses;

sFrom their children have ye taken away vmy glory for ever.

10  Arise ye, and depart; for this is not wyour rest:

Because xit is polluted, it shall ydestroy you, even with a zsore destruction.

11  If a man ||bwalking in the spirit and falsehood do lie, csaying,

I will dprophesy unto thee of wine and of strong drink;

eHe shall even be dthe prophet of this people.

12  fI will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee;

fI will surely ggather hthe remnant of Israel;

I will put them together as the sheep of iBozrah,

As gthe flock in the midst of jtheir fold:

kThey shall lmake great noise by reason of the multitude of kmen.

13  mThe breaker is come up before them:

They have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it:

And ntheir king shall pass before them,

And othe Lord on the head of them.

KJV 1900

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This King James Version is based upon the Pure Cambridge Edition first published around 1900. It has been carefully typeset to remove any typographical errors and accurately reflects the original text.

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