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Additional Grain Offering Regulations

2:11 “ ‘No grain offering which you present to the Lord can be made with yeast,21 for you must not offer up in smoke any yeast or honey as a gift to the Lord.22 2:12 You can present them to the Lord as an offering of first fruit,23 but they must not go up to the altar for a soothing aroma. 2:13 Moreover, you must season every one of your grain offerings with salt; you must not allow the salt of the covenant of your God to be missing from your grain offering24—on every one of your grain offerings you must present salt.

2:14 “ ‘If you present a grain offering of first ripe grain to the Lord, you must present your grain offering of first ripe grain as soft kernels roasted in fire—crushed bits of fresh grain.25 2:15 And you must put olive oil on it and set frankincense on it—it is a grain offering. 2:16 Then the priest must offer its memorial portion up in smoke—some of its crushed bits, some of its olive oil, in addition to all of its frankincense—it is26 a gift to the Lord.


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