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Creatures that Swarm on the Land

11:29 “ ‘Now this is what is unclean to you among the swarming things that swarm on the land:27 the rat, the mouse, the large lizard of any kind, 11:30 the Mediterranean gecko, the spotted lizard, the wall gecko, the skink, and the chameleon. 11:31 These are the ones that are unclean to you among all the swarming things. Anyone who touches them when they die will be unclean until evening. 11:32 Also, anything they fall on28 when they die will become unclean—any wood vessel or garment or article of leather or sackcloth. Any such vessel with which work is done must be immersed in water29 and will be unclean until the evening. Then it will become clean. 11:33 As for any clay vessel they fall into,30 everything in it31 will become unclean and you must break it. 11:34 Any food that may be eaten which becomes soaked with water32 will become unclean. Anything drinkable33 in any such vessel will become unclean.34 11:35 Anything their carcass may fall on will become unclean. An oven or small stove must be smashed to pieces; they are unclean, and they will stay unclean35 to you. 11:36 However, a spring or a cistern which collects water36 will be clean, but one who touches their carcass will be unclean. 11:37 Now, if such a carcass falls on any sowing seed which is to be sown,37 it is clean, 11:38 but if water is put on the seed and such a carcass falls on it, it is unclean to you.


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