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The People of Jerusalem Lament:

ע (Ayin)

4:17 Our eyes continually failed us

as we looked in vain for help.57

From our watchtowers we watched

for a nation that could not rescue us.

ץ (Tsade)

4:18 Our enemies58 hunted us down at every step59

so that we could not walk about in our streets.

Our end drew near, our days were numbered,60

for our end had come!

ק (Qof)

4:19 Those who pursued us were swifter

than eagles61 in the sky.62

They chased us over the mountains;

they ambushed us in the wilderness.

ר (Resh)

4:20 Our very life breath—the Lord’s anointed king63

was caught in their traps,64

of whom we thought,65

“Under his protection66 we will survive among the nations.”


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