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Longing for Death71

3:20 “Why does God72 give73 light to one who is in misery,74

and life to those75 whose soul is bitter,

3:21 to76 those who wait77 for death that78 does not come,

and search for it79

more than for hidden treasures,

3:22 who rejoice80 even to jubilation,81

and are exultant82 when83 they find the grave?84

3:23 Why is light given85 to a man86

whose way is hidden,87

and whom God has hedged in?88

3:24 For my sighing comes in place of89 my food,90

and my groanings91 flow forth like water.92

3:25 For the very thing I dreaded93 has happened94 to me,

and what I feared has come upon me.95

3:26 I have no ease,96 I have no quietness;

I cannot rest;97 turmoil has come upon me.”98


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