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How Often Do the Wicked Suffer?

21:17 “How often40 is the lamp of the wicked extinguished?

How often does their41 misfortune come upon them?

How often does God apportion pain42 to them43 in his anger?

21:18 How often44 are they like straw before the wind,

and like chaff swept away45 by a whirlwind?

21:19 You may say,46 ‘God stores up a man’s47 punishment for his children!’48

Instead let him repay49 the man himself50

so that51 he may know it!

21:20 Let his own eyes see his destruction;52

let him drink of the anger of the Almighty.

21:21 For what is his interest53 in his home

after his death,54

when the number of his months

has been broken off?55

21:22 Can anyone teach56 God knowledge,

since57 he judges those that are on high?58


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