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Eliphaz Accuses Job of Folly

15 Then aEliphaz the Temanite answered and said:

2 “Should a wise man answer with empty knowledge,

And fill 1himself with the east wind?

3 Should he reason with unprofitable talk,

Or by speeches with which he can do no good?

4 Yes, you cast off fear,

And restrain 2prayer before God.

5 For your iniquity teaches your mouth,

And you choose the tongue of the crafty.

6 bYour own mouth condemns you, and not I;

Yes, your own lips testify against you.

7Are you the first man who was born?

cOr were you made before the hills?

8 dHave you heard the counsel of God?

Do you limit wisdom to yourself?

9 eWhat do you know that we do not know?

What do you understand that is not in us?

10 fBoth the gray-haired and the aged are among us,

Much older than your father.

11 Are the consolations of God too small for you,

And the word spoken 3gently with you?

12 Why does your heart carry you away,

And 4what do your eyes wink at,

13 That you turn your spirit against God,

And let such words go out of your mouth?

14 “What gis man, that he could be pure?

And he who is born of a woman, that he could be righteous?

15 hIf God puts no trust in His saints,

And the heavens are not pure in His sight,

16 iHow much less man, who is abominable and filthy,

jWho drinks iniquity like water!

17 “I will tell you, hear me;

What I have seen I will declare,

18 What wise men have told,

Not hiding anything received kfrom their fathers,

19 To whom alone the 5land was given,

And lno alien passed among them:

20 The wicked man writhes with pain all his days,

mAnd the number of years is hidden from the oppressor.

21 6Dreadful sounds are in his ears;

nIn prosperity the destroyer comes upon him.

22 He does not believe that he will oreturn from darkness,

For a sword is waiting for him.

23 He pwanders about for bread, saying, ‘Where is it?

He knows qthat a day of darkness is ready at his hand.

24 Trouble and anguish make him afraid;

They overpower him, like a king ready for 7battle.

25 For he stretches out his hand against God,

And acts defiantly against the Almighty,

26 Running stubbornly against Him

With his strong, embossed shield.

27 “Though rhe has covered his face with his fatness,

And made his waist heavy with fat,

28 He dwells in desolate cities,

In houses which no one inhabits,

Which are destined to become ruins.

29 He will not be rich,

Nor will his wealth scontinue,

Nor will his possessions overspread the earth.

30 He will not depart from darkness;

The flame will dry out his branches,

And tby the breath of His mouth he will go away.

31 Let him not utrust in futile things, deceiving himself,

For futility will be his reward.

32 It will be accomplished vbefore his time,

And his branch will not be green.

33 He will shake off his unripe grape like a vine,

And cast off his blossom like an olive tree.

34 For the company of hypocrites will be barren,

And fire will consume the tents of bribery.

35 wThey conceive trouble and bring forth futility;

Their womb prepares deceit.”


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