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Blessing on Levi

33:8 Of Levi he said:

Your Thummim and Urim17 belong to your godly one,18

whose authority you challenged at Massah,19

and with whom you argued at the waters of Meribah.20

33:9 He said to his father and mother, “I have not seen him,”21

and he did not acknowledge his own brothers

or know his own children,

for they kept your word,

and guarded your covenant.

33:1They will teach Jacob your ordinances

and Israel your law;

they will offer incense as a pleasant odor,

and a whole offering on your altar.

33:11 Bless, O Lord, his goods,

and be pleased with his efforts;

undercut the legs22 of any who attack him,

and of those who hate him, so that they cannot stand.


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