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Solomon’s Additional Achievements

15 And this is the reason for vthe labor force which King Solomon raised: to build the house of the Lord, his own house, 4the wMillo, the wall of Jerusalem, xHazor, yMegiddo, and zGezer. 16 (Pharaoh king of Egypt had gone up and taken Gezer and burned it with fire, ahad killed the Canaanites who dwelt in the city, and had given it as a dowry to his daughter, Solomon’s wife.) 17 And Solomon built Gezer, Lower bBeth Horon, 18 cBaalath, and Tadmor in the wilderness, in the land of Judah, 19 all the storage cities that Solomon had, cities for dhis chariots and cities for his ecavalry, and whatever Solomon fdesired to build in Jerusalem, in Lebanon, and in all the land of his dominion.

20 gAll the people who were left of the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites, who were not of the children of Israel—21 that is, their descendants hwho were left in the land after them, iwhom the children of Israel had not been able to destroy completely—jfrom these Solomon raised kforced labor, as it is to this day. 22 But of the children of Israel Solomon lmade no forced laborers, because they were men of war and his servants: his officers, his captains, commanders of his chariots, and his cavalry.

23 Others were chiefs of the officials who were over Solomon’s work: mfive hundred and fifty, who ruled over the people who did the work.

24 But nPharaoh’s daughter came up from the City of David to oher house which 5Solomon had built for her. pThen he built the Millo.

25 qNow three times a year Solomon offered burnt offerings and peace offerings on the altar which he had built for the Lord, and he burned incense with them on the altar that was before the Lord. So he finished the temple.

26 rKing Solomon also built a fleet of ships at sEzion Geber, which is near 6Elath on the shore of the Red Sea, in the land of Edom. 27 tThen Hiram sent his servants with the fleet, seamen who knew the sea, to work with the servants of Solomon. 28 And they went to uOphir, and acquired four hundred and twenty talents of gold from there, and brought it to King Solomon.


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