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The Lutheran Cyclopedia
Dogmatics, as a theological science, belongs to the division of Systematic Theology, and as its presupposes the truth of Christianity in general, follows Apologetics, which may be regarded as an independent introduction to Dogmatics, and as it lays the basis for the doctrine of Christian Ethics, properly
The Thiselton Companion to Christian Theology
Dogma, DogmaticsThese terms differ from “systematic theology.” In Barth and Brunner, who use the term frequently, “dogma” not only concerns God as Trinity and Christ and arises from Scripture, but is also the public confession of faith by the church, in contrast to private opinion. “Dogma” and “dogmatics”
Handbook of Evangelical Theologians
Studies in Dogmatics
Studies in DogmaticsIn 1945 Berkouwer assumed the chair of dogmatics at the Free University, and shortly afterward began his dogmatic work in earnest. In accord with his developing conversational and nonsystematic style, he produced not a single systematic theology or dogmatics, but a series of monographs