The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Zeruiah, Daughter of Jesse
Zeruiah, Daughter of Jesse (צְרוּיָה‎, tseruyah). Sister of David. Mother of Abishai, Joab, and Asahel, who served under David (2 Sam 2:18; 17:25; 23:18; 1 Kgs 2:22; 1 Chr 2:16).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Zeruiah (Person)
ZERUIAH (PERSON) [Heb ṣĕrûyâ (צְרוּיָה)]. The name “Zeruiah” is compounded from the elements ṣŏrı̂ (an aromatic tree, either mastic or balsam) and yāh (the short form of Yahweh). Thus, Zeruiah means something like “the balsam of Yahweh” or “the mastic of Yahweh.” The name “Zeruiah” is applied
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Zeruiah. Nahash’s daughter and the sister of Abigail (2 Sm 17:25). In 1 Chronicles 2:16, David, Jesse’s son, is listed as her brother. In reconciling this difference of paternity, some suggest that after the death of Zeruiah’s father, her mother married Jesse and subsequently bore David, her brother;
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Zeruiah zə-roo̅ʹyə [Heb. erûyâ, eruyâ (2 S. 14:1; 16:10)—‘perfumed with mastic’ (IP, p. 227)]. Mother of Joab, Abishai, and Asahel, three commanders of David’s army (1 S. 26:6; 2 S. 2:13, 18; 3:39; 8:16; etc.). These men are always identified as sons of Zeruiah and never by the name of their
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
ZERUIAH Nahash’s daughter and the sister of Abigail (2 Sm 17:25). Zeruiah eventually bore three sons: Joab, Abishai, and Asahel, all of whom were David’s friends during his reign (2 Sm 2:18; 3:39; 8:16; 18:2).
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Zeruiah (zuh-roo´yuh), the mother of Joab, Abishai, and Asahel, three of David’s warriors. According to 1 Chron. 2:16, Zeruiah was one of David’s sisters, though it is possible that, like Abigail, she was his half sister. In 2 Sam. 17:25, Zeruiah is called the sister of Abigail, who is identified there
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
ZERUIAH. sister of David the son of Jesse (1 Chr 2:16–17). According to 2 Sam 17:25 she was the sister of Abigail who is said to be the daughter of Nahash. Thus she was only a half sister either of David or of Abigail. She was the mother of Joab, Abishai, and Asahel (2 Sam 2:18). These loyal nephews
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
ZERUIAH (Heb. erûyâ, eruyâ; possibly from Arab. root, either (1) ‘run blood, bleed’, or (2) the name of an odoriferous tree, or its gum). The mother of Abishai, Joab and Asahel, David’s officers (1 Sa. 26:6; 2 Sa. 2:18; 8:16, etc.). Her husband is never mentioned, for which there are several explanations.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Zeruiah (Heb. ṣĕrûyâ)The mother of Abishai, Joab, and Asahel, the notorious “sons of Zeruiah” (2 Sam. 2:18; 1 Chr. 2:16). Abishai was the chief of David’s Three (2 Sam. 23:18), Joab the commander of David’s army (8:16), and Asahel one of David’s Thirty (23:24). It is uncertain why these men are
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Zeruiah [zə rōōˊyə] (Heb. erûyâ, ṣeruyâ “perfumed with mastix”). The sister or half sister of David and Abigail, named both as the daughter of Nahash (2 Sam. 17:25) and of Jesse (1 Chr. 2:16); perhaps her mother was married twice. She was the mother of Abishai, Joab, and Asahel, David’s nephews
Catholic Bible Dictionary
ZERUIAH The sister of David and the mother of Joab, Abishai, and Asahel, the “sons of Zeruiah” (1 Chr 2:16).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Zeru´iah (balsam), the mother of the three leading heroes of David’s army—Abishai, Joab, and Asahel—known as the “sons of Zeruiah.” Of Zeruiah’s husband there is no mention in the Bible. (b.c. before 1046.)
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