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Zabad (descendant of Hashum)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Zabad, Descendant of Hashum
Zabad, Descendant of Hashum (זָבָד‎, zavad). A member of the family of Hashum in the postexilic Jewish community. Zabad was listed among those who agreed to Ezra’s demand to divorce his foreign wife (Ezra 10:33).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Zabad (Person)
ZABAD (PERSON) [Heb zābād (זָבָד)]. The name “Zabad” can be understood to mean “(Yahweh or God) has made a gift.” In the OT, the verb is used only in Gen 30:20 (Zakovitch 1980: 31–50).1. A descendant of Judah, who shared Israelite and Egyptian ancestry (1 Chr 2:36–37). He was the son of Nathan, grandson
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Zabad. 1. Son of Nathan and a descendant of Athlai the daughter of Sheshan (1 Chr 2:36, 37).2. Tahath’s son and the father of Shuthelah from Ephraim’s tribe (1 Chr 7:21).3. One of David’s mighty men, listed as a son of Athlai (1 Chr 11:41); he is perhaps the same as #1 above.4. One of the conspirators
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
6. [Gk. Apoc. A Sabannaious, B Bannaious]; AV Apoc. BANNAIA; NEB Apoc. BANNAEUS. Son of Hashum; another layman who divorced his foreign wife (Ezr. 10:33; 1 Esd. 9:33).
Zabad zāʹbad [Heb. zāḇaḏ, perhaps a contraction of zeḇaḏyâ—‘Yahweh has given,’ or of zaḇdîʾēl—‘God is my gift’ (?); see Zabdiel].
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
ZABAD1. Son of Nathan (1 Chr 2:36) and a descendant of Ahlai the daughter of Sheshan (vv 30, 34–36).2. Tahath’s son and the father of Shuthelah from Ephraim’s tribe (1 Chr 7:21).3. One of David’s mighty men, listed as a son of Ahlai (1 Chr 11:41); he is perhaps the same as #1 above.4. One of the
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Zabad (zay´bad; a shortened name, Heb., “[God] has given” or “gift”; cf. the full names Zebadiah, Zabdiel).1 A descendant of Sheshan in the line of Judah (1 Chron. 2:36–37; cf. v. 31).2 The son of Tahath, an Ephraimite of the Shuthelah lineage (1 Chron. 7:21).3 A son of Ahlai, one of David’s warriors
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
ZABAD1. The son of Nathan and father of Ephlal of the tribe of Judah. Zabad’s grandfather was Attai the son of a daughter of Sheshan and an Egyptian slave Jarha (1 Chr 2:31, 34–37).2. The son of Tahath and father of Shuthelah of Ephraim (1 Chr 7:21).3. One of David’s mighty men, the son of Ahlai (1
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
ZABAD. 1. An Ephraimite (1 Ch. 7:21). 2. A man of Judah, of the lineage of Hezron (1 Ch. 2:36f.). 3. One of David’s mighty men (1 Ch. 11:41), probably to be equated with 2; note the name Ahlai in the parentage of both. 4. A conspirator against Joash (2 Ch. 24:26). The correct form of the name is *Jozachar.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Zabad (Heb. zāḇāḏ) (also JOZACAR)1. A descendant of Jerahmeel of the tribe of Judah; son of Nathan and father of Ephlal (1 Chr. 2:36–37).2. The son of Tahath, and a descendant of Ephraim (1 Chr. 7:21).3. One of David’s Mighty Men, the son of Ahlai (1 Chr. 11:41).4. The son of Shimeath the Ammonite
Catholic Bible Dictionary
ZABAD A member of David’s elite corps of mighty warriors (1 Chr 11:41). The name belongs also to various other men (1 Chr 7:21; 2 Chr 24:26; Ezra 10:27, 33, 43).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Za´bad (gift).1. Son of Nathan, son of Attai, son of Ahlai Sheshan’s daughter, 1 Chron. 2:31–37, and hence called son of Ahlai. 1 Chron. 11:41. (b.c. 1046.) He was one of David’s mighty men, but none of his deeds have been recorded. The chief interest connected with him is in his genealogy, which is
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