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The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Weapons and Implements of Warfare
WEAPONS AND IMPLEMENTS OF WARFARE. What distinguishes a butcher knife from a soldier’s dagger is the context in which the implement is used. Having been developed for very practical purposes, weapons cannot be understood apart from the context of warfare within which they are employed. The context of
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Armor Bearer
Armor, Armor Bearer. Protective gear and one who carried the armor and weapons of a warrior.See Arms and Warfare; Trades and Occupations (Soldier).
Arms and Warfare
Arms and Warfare. The location of Palestine at the crossroads of three continents gave it a strategic importance in the ancient world quite out of proportion to its size. Surrounded by the great military powers (Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Hittites of Anatolia), that stretch of land was constantly the object
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Armor and Weapons
ARMOR AND WEAPONS Instruments of warfare.The location of Palestine at the crossroads of three continents gave it a strategic importance in the ancient world quite out of proportion to its size. Surrounded by the great military powers (Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Hittites of Anatolia), that stretch of land
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
weapons. Weapons used for hunting and fighting were among humankind’s earliest inventions. The extant literature, archaeological remains, and artistic representations from the ancient Near East and Greco-Roman world demonstrate that weaponry in the biblical period was highly diversified and sophisticated.
Arms, Armor
arms, armor. Biblical references to arms are both literal and metaphorical. In Gen. 14:13–16 there is an account of Abraham’s retainers, or “trained men,” whose success in battle presupposes their efficient use of arms. In tribal societies like that of early Israel arms consisted of spears, swords, sling
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
Armor, Arms
ARMOR, ARMS. Various kinds of weapons are mentioned frequently in the Bible, both literally and figuratively (as illustrative of spiritual warfare). Yet little detailed description is given of the many different weapons. However, it is known that the weapons of the nations of the Near East were essentially
ARTILLERY. The KJV translation of the word rendered “weapons” in 1 Sam 20:40, RSV. From the context (“Jonathan gave his weapons to the lad”) and from the modern meaning of the word “artillery,” it is clear that the RSV is a more accurate translation. See Armor.
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
Armour and Weapons
ARMOUR AND WEAPONS. The comprehensive terms in Hebrew and Greek are kēlîm (Gn. 27:3; 1 Sa. 17:54; more specifically kelêmilḥāmâ, ‘weapons of war’, as Dt. 1:41, etc.) and hopla (lxx passim; 2 Cor. 10:4). References to armour-bearers in Jdg. 9:54; 1 Sa. 14:1; 17:7, and to armouries in 1 Ki. 10:17;
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
WeaponsFrom as far back as we can determine, human beings have needed weapons to hunt and to protect themselves. As early as 7000 b.c. Jericho had a wall around the center part of the town with a tower inside the wall. This method of protecting towns with walls continued throughout the biblical period.
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Weapons. †References to a wide variety of weapons of war and instances of their use abound in the Bible, particularly the Old Testament. This is hardly surprising in view of the fact that the Israelites were almost constantly at war throughout their history.Certainly weapons have been an integral
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
Weapons And Warfare
WEAPONS AND WARFARE The term ‘warfare’ as used here includes both battle in open terrain and the besieging of fortified cities, though fortifications are dealt with in a separate entry. Beginning with the first appearance of metal weapons, in the 4th millennium bc, and ending with the destruction of
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Arms, Armor. The subject naturally divides itself into—1. Offensive weapons: Arms. II. Defensive weapons: Armor.Soldier in full Armor.1. Offensive weapons.—1. Apparently the earliest known and most widely used was the Chereb or Sword. Very little can be gathered as to its shape, size, material,
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Armor, Arms
ARMOR, ARMS. The weapons of the nations mentioned in the Bible were essentially the same, with modifications according to age and country. Offensive weapons (arms) included the battle-axe, sword, spear, bow and arrow, sling, and battering ram. Defensive weapons (armor) included the shield, helmet, breastplate,
ARTILLERY (Heb. klı̂, “prepared”). Used in the KJV of 1 Sam. 20:40 to refer to Jonathan’s weapons (cf. NASB).
Key passages
Jdt 6:12

And when the men of the city saw them on the top of the mountain, they took up their weapons and came forth out of the city on the top of the mountain, and all the slingers stopped at the top of the hill and threw stones at them.

Jdt 7:5

Then each man took up his implements of war, and after lighting fires on their towers, they stood fast, keeping guard that whole night.

Jdt 9:7

Behold, the Assyrians multiply in their power; they take pride in their horses and riders; they exalt in the strength of their infantry; they put their trust in shield and spear and bow and sling, and they do not know that you are the Lord who crushes wars.

Jdt 13:6–9

Then, approaching the post of the bed that was close to the head of Holofernes, she took down his straight sword from it. And drawing near the bed, she grasped the hair of his head and said, “Strengthen me, God of Israel, in this day.” And she struck at his neck twice with her strength, and she …

Sir 47:4

In his youth, didn’t he kill a giant and take reproach away from the people when he lifted his hand with a stone of a sling, and cut down the pride of Goliath?