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Transport • Transportation and Travel • Transportation, Travel
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Transportation, Travel
transportation, travel. References to travelers and travel are found throughout the Bible, in addition to mention of devices used for moving people or goods. Travel could occur either by day or night (Exod. 13:21), and there were advantages to each. Daytime travel over land reduced the dangers of being
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Travel, Transportation
Travel, TransportationIndividuals in biblical times traveled for the same reasons people have always traveled: searching for employment (Judg. 17:8), procuring goods (Prov. 31:14), moving (1 Kgs. 2:36), courting (Judg. 14:5–7), attending weddings and funerals (Gen. 50:1–14; Judg. 14:8–10; John 2:1),
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
TRANSPORT Vehicles drawn by animals were not very common in Palestine in the biblical period. The few that are referred to were mainly employed in the service of kings and warriors and should be classed as military equipment rather than as an everyday means of transport. Short journeys would normally
Compton’s Encyclopedia
transportationThe movement of people and goods from place to place is known as transportation. Together with communication—the movement of ideas—transportation has been essential in bringing about the integration of regions and nations into a single world community. Transportation movements, combined
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Transportation and Travel
TRANSPORTATION AND TRAVEL Means and ways of commercial and private movement among towns and nations in the biblical period. Travel in the ancient, as well as the modern world, is the result of economic, political, social, and religious factors. For the most part, transportation and travel in the biblical
Key passages
1 Esd 5:54–55

And they gave silver to the stone cutters and carpenters, and drink and food and carts to the Sidonians and men of Tyre, to deliver from Lebanon timber of cedar, to convey them on rafts to the Joppa harbor, and the command was written for them from Cyrus, the Persian king.

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