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Textual Criticism
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible, History of Text
Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible, History of Text A historical study of the development of the Hebrew Bible.
Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible, Methodology
Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible, Methodology A study of a text in order to understand its development. Textual criticism deals with the nature and origin of all the witnesses of a composition or text—in our case, the biblical books. This analysis often involves an attempt to discover the original
Textual Criticism of the New Testament
Textual Criticism of the New Testament The foundational discipline for our access to all ancient literary documents. Before interpreting a text, one must first know what it says. This is the goal of textual criticism. Textual criticism is the study of the copies of any written document whose original
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Textual Criticism
TEXTUAL CRITICISM. The name given to the critical study of ancient manuscripts and versions of texts, for the purpose of ascertaining a correct reading of the text. Textual criticism has been applied to both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament.
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Bible, Textual Criticism of the
Bible, Textual Criticism of the. Task of reconstructing the original text of the Bible with as great a degree of accuracy as the available materials permit. Textual criticism is sometimes designated as lower criticism to distinguish it from higher criticism, which is analysis of the date, unity, and
Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels
Textual Criticism
Textual criticismTextual criticism is the science that compares all known copies (manuscripts, abbrev. MSS [pl.] MS [sg.]) of a given document in an effort to trace the history of variations in the copying process so as to discover the original form of the text. Although generally established procedures
Dictionary of Paul and His Letters
Textual Criticism
Textual criticismTextual criticism, the art and science that seeks to reconstruct the original text of a document, is necessary in the Pauline letters because the autographs have perished and the extant copies differ from each other. It involves three major tasks: (1) gathering and organizing the evidence;
Dictionary of New Testament Background
Textual Criticism
TEXTUAL CRITICISMTextual criticism is the discipline that attempts to establish an authoritative text for a given author’s work. Textual criticism involves the informed comparison of all of the known copies of a given text in order to ascertain the earliest recoverable and, if possible, the original
Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments
Textual Criticism
Textual CriticismTextual criticism is the field of study whose practitioners examine variant readings in various manuscripts in the effort to reconstruct the original wording of a written text. This kind of study is needed for texts whose autographs are no longer extant, which is the case for most ancient
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Textual Criticism
Textual Criticism. The critical study of the text of an ancient writer whose work has come down in MS from the period before the invention of printing. Few scribes are able to copy a text exactly; it follows that the more often a text is copied and the greater the number of resulting MSS, the greater
Pocket Dictionary of Church History: Over 300 Terms Clearly and Concisely Defined
Textual Criticism
textual criticism. As part of the broader field of *biblical criticism, textual criticism, or lower criticism, investigates the history of textual transmission. The text critic studies and compares variants from one manuscript to the other in order to determine which is the older. Textual criticism of
Dictionary of Theological Terms
Textual Criticism
Textual CriticismThe investigation of the text of the Old and New Testaments with the aim of setting forth the authentic readings of the autographs,* as against spurious readings which have found their way into some manuscripts (see MSS), either from copyists’ errors, or by design. It is sometimes referred
Textual Criticism of the New Testament
Textual Criticism of the New TestamentGiven the length and complexity of this article, we will commence with a thesis—a brief statement of the position adopted—followed by a simple glossary of essential terms and an outlined plan of the study.
Textual Criticism of the Old Testament
Textual Criticism of the Old TestamentUntil recently the oldest known witness to the Hebrew text was a fragment of Deuteronomy (5:16–18 and 6:4, 5)—the Nash Papyrus—dating from around the beginning of the Christian era. In 1979, however, an important fragment of the OT text was discovered in a repository
RecensionA term used in textual criticism* meaning a revision of the text of Scripture based on a critical examination of available sources or variant readings.
Textual Critic
Textual CriticA scholar whose expertise in the Biblical and related languages and in history equips him to examine the extant witnesses to the texts of the OT and NT, with a view to identifying and removing any errors that have been introduced into them either innocently by copyists’ mistakes, or by
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Textual Criticism, New Testament
TEXTUAL CRITICISM, NEW TESTAMENT Textual Criticism (sometimes called Lower Criticism) is the art and science of reconstructing the text of a work that no longer exists in its original form. We should note that the word “criticism” is not a negative term. It refers to methods of careful study and analysis.
Textual Criticism, Old Testament
TEXTUAL CRITICISM, OLD TESTAMENT Textual criticism (sometimes called lower criticism) is the study of copies of any work whose original no longer survives. We should note that “criticism” is not a negative word in this context. It is rather careful study and analysis. When applied to the OT it refers
Dictionary of the Old Testament: Historical Books
Text and Textual Criticism
TEXT AND TEXTUAL CRITICISMIn discussions of textual criticism, the word text has a precise technical sense and refers to the exact wording of the surviving manuscripts (handwritten copies) of an ancient literary composition (or group of compositions). Textual criticism, on the other hand, can be described