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Teachings of Jesus
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Jesus, Teachings of
Jesus, Teachings of The writers of the Gospels describe Jesus as one who taught with authority. The kingdom of God was central to Jesus’ message, comprising ethical and eschatological components.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Jesus Christ, Teachings of
JESUS CHRIST, TEACHINGS OF Because of the wide variety of forms in which the teachings of Jesus have been preserved, it is difficult to bring out the essence of that teaching in a systematic way. Jesus did not present us with a theological system. His words were essentially practical in intent. Yet from
A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels: Aaron–Zion
2. The Teaching of Christ
2. The teaching of Christ.—(1) He showed once for all that there is no invariable connexion between individual suffering and sin in this world. The Heavenly Father bestows His gifts on evil and good alike (Mt 5:45, Lk 6:35). Lk 13:1 ff. is decisive on this point. (‘Ye shall all in like manner perish’
2. The Teaching of Jesus
2. The teaching of Jesus.—Our Lord found Himself in an atmosphere of thought in which ideas representative of these various forms of doctrine were more or less current. The Rabbinic teaching on the whole held the field as a popular orthodoxy, identified in the common mind with devoutness and earnest
Teaching Of Jesus
TEACHING OF JESUS.—The place and meaning of knowledge in the Christian religion constitute a question of supreme importance. It has been answered in differing ways in different times and places, and with far-reaching effects, often of the saddest character. Yet the answers have usually been of the nature