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Tappuah (son of Hebron)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Tappuah, Son of Hebron
Tappuah, Son of Hebron (תַּפּוּחַ‎, tappuach). A descendant of Caleb (1 Chr 2:43).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Tappuah (Person)
TAPPUAH (PERSON) [Heb tappūaḥ (תַּפֻּחַ)]. A son of Hebron and a descendant of Caleb (1 Chr 2:43). Some (e.g., Noth IPN, 260) see in Tappuah a tribal or family name. The name is presumably to be connected either with Beth-Tappuah (Josh 15:53), modern Taffûḥ (M.R. 154105)—a town over 4 miles W of
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Tappuah (Person)
Tappuah (Person). Hebron’s son and a descendant of Caleb from Judah’s tribe (1 Chr 2:43).
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Tappuah tapʹū-ə [Heb. tappû (a)ḥ] A son of Hebron and descendant of Caleb (1 Ch. 2:43).
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Tappuah (Person)
TAPPUAH (Person) Hebron’s son and a descendant of Caleb from Judah’s tribe (1 Chr 2:43).
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
TAPPUAH1. One of the sons of Hebron (1 Chr 2:43), a descendant of Caleb.2. A town mentioned in Josh 15:34 as lying in the Shephelah W of Jerusalem. Its site has not been identified with certainty, but it lies in the group of towns including Jarmuth, Adullam, Socoh, and Azekah, all located in the foothills
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Tappuah [tăpˊyŏo ə] (Heb. tappuaḥ, tappûaḥ “apple tree” or “quince”).
Catholic Bible Dictionary
TAPPUAH1. One of the sons of Hebron of the tribe of Judah (1 Chr 2:43).2. A town in the low western hills of Judah (Josh 15:34, 53). It is probably the modern Beit Natif.3. A town in Ephraim, in the hill country of Samaria (Josh 16:8) on the southern border of Manasseh (Josh 17:7–8). It is probably
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Tap´puah (the apple-city).1. A city of Judah, in the district of the Shefelah or lowland. Josh. 15:34.2. A place on the boundary of the “children of Joseph.” Josh. 16:8; 17:8. Its full name was probably En-tappuah. Josh. 17:7. (“Around the city was a district called the land of Tappuah; the city belonged
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
TAPPU´AH (tap-pūʹa; an “apple”).1. The second named of the four sons of Hebron, of the lineage of Caleb (1 Chron. 2:43), before 1370 b.c.2. A city of Judah in the Shephelah, or lowland (Josh. 15:34), probably Beit-Nettif (Beth-letepha, a corruption of Beth-el-Taphua).3. A town in the tribe of Ephraim
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
TAPPUAH [TAP yoo uh] (apple) — the name of two cities and one man in the Old Testament:1. A city in the lowland of Judah (Josh. 12:17).2. A border city of Ephraim (Josh. 16:8; 17:8).3. A son of Hebron, of the tribe of Judah (1 Chr. 2:43).Also see Tiphsah.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
TAPPUAH (2)(טַפֻּחַ‎ [Tappuach]; Codex Vaticanus [Θαπούς, Thapous]; Codex Alexandrinus [Θαφφού, Thaphphou]; Lucian, [Φεθρούθ, Phethrouth]): A “son” of Hebron (1 Ch 2:43).
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