Tabor (Mountain)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Mount Tabor
Tabor, Mount (הַר תָּבוֹר‎, har tavor). A mountain in lower Galilee in Israel with military and religious significance.
Tabor (תָּבוֹר‎, tavor). A Levitical city assigned to the Merarites from out of the territory of Zebulun (1 Chr 6:77). It is not mentioned among the lists of Levitical cities outside of 1 Chronicles (see Josh 21:34–35; compare Josh 21:7).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Tabor (Place)
TABOR (PLACE) [Heb tābôr (תָּבֹור)]. A Levitical city in the territory of the tribe of Zebulun listed in 1 Chr 6:62 (—Eng 6:77) but missing in the parallel list of Josh 21:34–35. If the town is associated with Mount Tabor, then the latter presumably would also have been included in the tribal territory
Tabor, Mount (Place)
TABOR, MOUNT (PLACE) [Heb har tābôr (הַר תָּבֹור)]. A mountain of very unusual shape and striking appearance located in the NE corner of the valley of Jezreel (M.R. 187232). The most explicit references to this “mountain” (Heb har) are found in Judg 4:6, 12, and 14, but Jer 46:18 and Ps 89:13 (—Eng
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Tabor, Mount
Tabor, Mount. Important hill in lower Galilee located in the northeast area of the Jezreel Valley (often called the Chesulloth Valley). About six miles east of Nazareth, Tabor rises abruptly from the valley floor. Appearing more prominent than its height would indicate (1929 feet), it became an important
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Tabor tāʹbər [Heb. tāḇôr; Gk. B Thachcheia, A Thabōr]. A town in the territory of Zebulun, given with its pastures to the Merarite Levites (1 Ch. 6:77 [MT 62]; it is not found, however, in the parallel list, Josh. 21:34f.). Its exact location is unknown. Tabor refers either to an abbreviation of
Tabor, Mount
Tabor, Mount tāʹber [Heb. har tāḇôr; Gk. óros Thabōr, tó Itabyrion (Jeremiah and Hosea)]. A height in Galilee, located 10 km (6 mi) E of Nazareth by air but about 32 km (20 mi) by road, and 19 km (12 mi) SW of the Sea of Galilee; the modern Jebel eṭ-Ṭôr. A majestically isolated limestone mountain
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Tabor (Place)
TABOR (Place) City mentioned in 1 Chronicles 6:77 in a list of the towns of Zebulun. In a similar list in Joshua 19:12 the city is named Kisloth-Tabor; if the same city is meant, the Chronicler may have abbreviated the name here.
Tabor, Mount
TABOR, MOUNT Important hill in lower Galilee located in the northeast area of the Jezreel Valley. About six miles (9.7 kilometers) east of Nazareth, Tabor rises abruptly from the valley floor. Appearing more prominent than its height would indicate (1,929 feet, or 587.9 meters), it became an important
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Tabor (tay´buhr).1 An isolated mountain rising to a height of 1,843 feet in the northeast portion of the Plain of Esdraelon. On the border of the tribal lands of Issachar (Josh. 19:22), Zebulun (Chisloth-tabor in 19:12, cf. 1 Chron. 6:77), and Naphtali (19:34), it was the central place where Barak gathered
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
Tabor, Mount
TABOR, MOUNT. A dome-shaped mountain in Galilee known in Arabic as Jebel et-Tor. Isolated from other mountains, it stands like a sentinel in the NE part of the plain of Jezreel, c. 12 miles N of Mount Gilboa. It is situated c. six miles SE of Nazareth and c. 12 miles SW of the Sea of Galilee.Its highest
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
TABOR. If Jos. 19:22; Jdg. 8:18; and 1 Ch. 6:77 refer to the same place, Tabor was on the Zebulun-Issachar border: and it was presumably on or near Mt Tabor. The ‘oak’, or ‘terebinth’ (neb), of 1 Sa. 10:3 must have been at a different Tabor, in Benjaminite territory.D. F. Payne.
Tabor, Mount
TABOR, MOUNT. A notable mountain rising from the Plain of Jezreel to 588 m above sea-level. Its slopes are steep, and the views from the summit magnificent; hence it was considered worthy of comparison with Mt Hermon, in spite of the latter’s much greater bulk and height (cf. Ps. 89:12). It was the scene
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Tabor (Heb. tāḇôr)1. Mt. Tabor, an isolated mountain with distinctive steep slopes rising to a height of 562 m. (1843 ft.) in the northeast portion of the plain of Esdraelon (187232). In the past its slopes were densely forested. Its eastern slope is a watershed for the Jordan River. The prominence
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
Tabor (Place)
TABOR (MOUNT) A mountain at the southern limit of lower Galilee, 1,700 feet above sea level, 1,200 feet above the Plain. Its inverted, bowl-like shape attracted attention in ancient times and it was therefore linked with Mount Hermon and Mount Carmel (Jer. 46:18; Ps. 89:12). It was a place of worship
Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible
TABOR תבורΘαβώρ, Ταβώρ, τὸ ἸταβύριονI. Tabor is the name of a mountain in Lower Galilee (1,700 ft above sea-level, 7km SE of Nazareth). It occurs three times in Josh 19, in the descriptions of the boundaries of respectively the tribes of Zebulon, Issachar and Naphthali, and is thus a point where
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