Table of Nations
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Table of Nations
Table of Nations A list of nations personified as the descendants of Noah’s three sons in Gen 10.
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Table of Nations
Table of Nations The name by which the genealogy of Gen. 10 is commonly identified. Since the chapter is cast in the form of a genealogy rather than a table, the title is somewhat misleading. The function and message of Gen. 10 in its present context may be determined by examining its literary form.
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
Nations, Table Of
NATIONS, TABLE OF. An account, recorded in Gn. 10, and with a few minor variations in 1 Ch. 1:5–23, of the descendants of Noah by his three sons, *Shem, *Ham and *Japheth.
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Table of Nations
Table of NationsFollowing the narrative of the Flood in Gen. 6–9, a schematic representation describing the expansion of humankind from the family of Noah to many families and their dispersion into many lands (10:1–32). In its present setting, it depicts the outworking of the divine blessing pronounced
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Table of Nations
Table of Nations. †A schematic representation, in genealogical form (Gen. 10; cf. 1 Chr. 1:4–24), of the relationship between ancient peoples with whom Israel had dealings, thus providing the historical setting for the call and life of Abraham. As such, the Table of Nations is the bridge between
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Table of Nations
TABLE OF NATIONS The genealogical list of seventy nations descended from Noah in Gen 10 (cf. 1 Chr 1:4–24). It traces each of the nations known to the Israelites back to one of Noah’s three sons. It is notable that Israel’s most hated enemies are listed as descendants of Ham, the cursed son of Noah who
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Table of Nations
TABLE OF NATIONS Genesis 10 lists the descendants of Noah’s sons to explain the origin of the nations and peoples of the known world. The account is unique for several reasons. First, a new chapter begins in biblical history at this point; humanity has a new beginning through Noah and his three sons.
Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch
Nations, Table of
NATIONS, TABLE OF“Table of nations” is the term commonly used to describe the list in Genesis 10:1–32 that details the location of peoples and their relationship to each other. It begins with the expression “These are the tôlĕdōt [family history, *genealogy] of Noah’s sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, when