Sumerian Literature
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Sumerian Literature
Sumerian Literature The body of ancient Near Eastern texts—more than 4,000 tablets—composed in the Sumerian language from the fourth through second millennia bc.
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Sumerian Literature
SUMERIAN LITERATURE. Cuneiform texts in the Sumerian language which were edited in the scribal schools of ancient Mesopotamia and the surrounding Near East, with the exception of lexical lists, mathematical exercises, and other purely scholastic genres. Together, the literary and scholastic genres constitute
Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings
2. Sumerian Literature
2. Sumerian LiteratureSumerian love poems abound. In Egypt, though, where the love and lovemaking appear to be among commoners, most Sumerian love songs, but not all, are divine lyrics expressing divine lovemaking—deities fill the roles of lovers. These arguably cultic texts likely played their most
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
SHURUPPAK, INSTRUCTIONS OF. A collection of proverbs purportedly communicated to a certain Ziusudra (known from other legends) by his father, Shuruppak son of Ubar-tutu. Composed in Sumerian, the collection was translated into other Mesopotamian languages, attesting the popularity of proverbs in wisdom
SUMERIAN TEXTS soo-maihr´ee-uhn. The earliest Sumerian texts are arguably the oldest texts written in the oldest script (“cuneiform” = “wedge-shaped” writing on clay tablets, prisms, cones, etc.), and in the oldest written language in the history of the world, Sumerian. The origin of the cuneiform writing
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