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Sower scattering Seeds
One who sowed seeds. Some fell on the path, some on rock, some among thorns, and some among good soil.
Bible Characters, Volume 6 (Our Lord’s Characters)
Parable of the sower
Our Lord’s CharactersIThe Sower who went Forth to SowNOT only in Jerusalem, and at the passover, but in Nazareth, and on days of release from labour, we may well believe that something like this would sometimes take place. “Son, why hast thou thus dealt with us? Behold, thy father and I have sought
Parable of the wheat seed
IIThe Man which sowed good seed in his Field, But his Enemy came and Sowed Tares Among the wheatTHE Son of Man lived in obscurity in Nazareth till He began to be about thirty years of age, growing in wisdom every day, and every day saving to Himself——What if EarthBe but the shadow of Heaven, and